The past hidden in our genes

sunnuntaina 9. elokuuta 2015 | Kati Kyllönen | Ei kommentteja

Time: Wednesday, 2nd Sept at 15.00

Place: Room 338B, Kieppi 3rd floor (Aapistie 5A, University of Oulu)

Are you interested in genetics, history or archaeology?

On Wednesday, Sept 2nd, archaeologist Tarja Sundell (PhD) from the University of Helsinki will give a presentation entitled “The past hidden in our genes”. In her research, Tarja Sundell has combined archaeological and genetic methodology to find evidence of prehistoric population bottleneck(s) in Finland.

Coffee/tea and pastry is served before the lecture, at 15.00!! Be in time! The lecture begins at 15.15.

There is no need for registration. The lecture is organized by “Genes & Society” Argumenta-project.

Everyone is warmly welcome!




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